Let It Be

My internet actually works!  This is quite exciting.  Alright, update on the last couple of days i guess.  I\’ve been so bored!  Wednesday I went up to church to pray in the chapel and i kinda stayed there until 10.  I was in the worst mood ever and Chris wouldn\’t let me leave.  I was so mad at him…not really, but I did alot of crap for him on Wednesday.  I did get to talk to Kevin…which was the best part of the evening.  yay for Kevin!  Yesterday I went to work and then the sacrament sisters came over to party, except one.  She decided she\’d rather hang with her guy instead of us.  Her loss.  We bought 70 dollars worth of chinese food.  It was sooo much.  We also made cake and the oven timer kept going off and it was so annoying.  I woke up this morning and went downstairs and the oven timer was going off, for who know how long…lol.  We watched Garden State too.  We had alot of fun.  I worked today and Patrick came to visit me…yay!  I love it when people come visit me.  Then I saw Mr. & Mrs. Anselmi.  I love them!  They are the coolest!  They gave me liv\’s number so I can hang out with her or something.  Kevin called after I got off work and now I\’m listening to Let it Be by the beatles.  I need this song.  It calms me down, and I desperately need calming.  I\’m really sick of all the crap that I\’m getting.  I\’m about ready to withdraw completely.

\”There\’s two kinds of mad guys.  Punch-you-in-face mad and Write-you-a-mean-letter mad.  I\’m a Write-you-a-mean-letter kinda guy.\” – Kevin

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