Xanga Bashing

I really don\’t understand.  Anything.  First of all, I\’ve
been reading other people\’s xangas and they have gotten me
confused.  Mainly Mely\’s and Steph\’s.  Maybe I\’m not in on
the little loop, which could be very possible, but I haven\’t heard
anyone bashing Catholic Heart Workcamp.  The only thing I heard
was that they loved Stuebenville.  I just didn\’t understand it at
all, I was reading it and was like…where is this coming from….whose
been bashing.  I\’ve been on both and they each had their
merits.  I enjoyed both of them.  That\’s all I\’m gonna say
about that.  There has been an ungodly amount of drama lately and
my head is about ready to explode.  I think a couple other people
know how I feel.  I tried to make it a little better, but I have a
feeling I just made it worse.  I always make things worse.  I
don\’t even know if I should go to church tonight, because it\’s gonna be
really akward.  It seems like everyone\’s angry or upset or annoyed
or just tired of everything.  I\’m tired of everything.  I
just want it to go away.  I need a vacation.  Stuebenville
was so great, everyone was happy…or at least they acted happy.
Now everything is so messed up.  For those of you who know about
all of it, you know how I feel.  If you have no idea what I\’m
talking about, lucky…you\’re not involved.  I envy you.

\”I have been all things unholy.\” – St. Francis of Assisi

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