Alright, so my parents left for Maine on the july 1st and I know it\’s only been like 3 days, but omg am I bored.  Yesterday I went to work and then did nothing until about 10.  I went to Ray\’s house, but she ditched us to go out with Matt, so Shelly and I hung out at my house with Bil.  I love Ray\’s house.  It feels so much like home.  I practically grew up there, ya know.  It\’s really cool that we\’re going to the same college together.  She\’s like my next door neighbor and we grew up together.  I was really irked yesterday and i needed to get out of the house…hence why i was over there at 10.  Today I woke up to the sound of sirens because the 4th of july parade was going on down TC Jester.  I wasn\’t too annoyed though.  other than that I\’ve done pretty much nothing all day.  I watched TV.  I\’m soo bored.  I feel really betrayed too, but let\’s not even go there.  Ugh.  I want to do something!

\”On occasion women can have their uses too, mainly to extend the family tree.  Pumpkin, extend with me.\”

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  1. Hey Karen hope you are doing ok,  I’m around. ok?  I’ve been hearing some strange things … This too shall pass with more wonderful things to come. 

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