Stuebenville changed my life forever.  It was just that amazing.  Everyone totally experienced the glory.  It was so spiritually fulfilling.  I realized alot of things about my life there.  Here are some highlights of the trip.  ADORATION was the best!  \”Oh my God HECTOR!\” Creepy policewoman.  The 7 sacraments.  Fr. Mark.  Fr. Dan Cook.  Eden and I in the chapel.  Swimming in the Bayou.  Paul being ok after falling off the scaffolding.  Gay cows.  Sara\’s song.  Rosary in the shower.  Confession.  \”You\’re a Wonder!\” Susan and Chris.  Community shower…aka hose.  Swamp tour.  Plantation Tour.  \”We are polished arrows in the quiver of God.\”  Brother Columbo.  \”TEAR IT DOWN BABY!\”  Yeah those were awesome.  Then we had to come home, which is not nearly as fun.  Though I didn\’t have a bad night thursday, friday, or saturday, I\’m in a horrible mood right now.  Stupid job, I didn\’t even get a break.  Nor did I get invited to a party…..thanks \”friend\”.  It\’s so boring at my house right now, and I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.  Wow…I have no friends…..

\”How come we don\’t even talk no more?  And you don\’t even call no more?  We don\’t barely keep in touch at all, and I don\’t even feel the same love when we hug at all.  And I heard it through the grapevine we even beefing now, after all the years we been down.  Ain\’t no way no how this bullshit can\’t be true .  We family, ain\’t a damn thing changed…unless it\’s you.\” – How Come

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