Sick and Alone

I\’m sad.  I mean I\’ve been sad for little over a week, but I\’m especially sad today.  It\’s the 23rd.  2 years ago today Danny and I started dating.  I miss him and I cannot believe that we\’re not celebrating it. How depressing.  I really want to see him today.  Like REALLY bad.  I\’m working today from 4-8 come visit me!  2 days ago I hung out with Shelly.  We went to Chili\’s and ate molten chocolate cake…..mmmm.  Then she came to my house and we watched the Real World Austin and Date my mom.  Unicorn lady was crazy!  I totally didn\’t feel good at all and I went to bed.  Yesterday I felt sooo sick all day long.  I really felt lonely yesterday, because I felt so sick and no one even cared.  I just wanted to be comforted and held and stuff, but I don\’t get that.  So I decided to go up to church to see Danny, because I\’m seriously having withdrawal and I still love him.  I also had to drop off some stuff and he wasn\’t there for like 2 hours because of Senior pictures.  When Danny finally came back, Chris and Danny filmed Fr. John\’s crib.  It was soo cool.  I\’ve never been in the rectory before and FJ was really funny.  That was pretty fun.  Then I had to go to work….ugh.  I had to close.  I didn\’t leave there until 11:00.  I felt so bad the whole time.  I didn\’t eat hardly anything all day yesterday.  I ate like a piece of toast and 2 spoonfuls of soup all day.  How pathetic is that!?!  Anyways, that\’s about it.  Michelle and I are probably going to the Mongolian Cafe with some other people soon, so I have to get ready.  Yay for things taking my mind off of Danny.

\”But you ARE a unicorn!\”

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