Life Forks

I don\’t have to work today!  Yay!  Too bad I have nothing else to do.  I\’m not even joking.  I\’m soo bored.  I really want to eat something, but I want something good and I don\’t want to cook, cause I\’m pretty lazy.  Anyways.  Went to Mass Attack this morning, which was pretty fun.  All about making decisions about the forks in our lives.  Pretty ironic I guess.  Then we went to get donuts and I ate so much…lol.  Then we went to church and just chilled out, which was pretty good.  Everyone had all their cell phones out and we were all listening to our ringtones and stuff.  Pretty fun.  Then Danny brought me home and here I am.  Bored.  Doing nothing.  Alex said he\’d come over and fix my computer and I\’m gonna hang out with Shelly later tonight…I\’m so excited!  We\’re gonna have alot of fun.  Peace out!

\”I never knew how much you loved me.  I\’m missing you.  I never knew how much you meant to me.  I need you.\” – Sugar Ray \”When It\’s Over\”

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