Who am I?

I made my decision.  I am gonna calm down and just really look at my life to see if this is what I really want.  I think Kelly was right.  I think that I really need to find myself, because I honestly don\’t know where I am.  I really need to focus more on God telling me who I am and what he wants me to do.  I know that we all want to do what God wants us to, but so often we fall short of he\’s telling us.  I think we try, as humans, to force our way on alot of situations.  It just makes things worse I think.  The problem is, is that I have no idea what God is calling me to do.  I\’m in so much pain and I am trying to heal myself, but only God can heal the brokenhearted.  I confuse myself alot.  It stems from the fact that I don\’t know what I want, but I expect other people to know what I want.  Anyways, I just want to relax and not think about this anymore.

Close your eyes.  Let me touch you now.  Let me give you something that is real.  Close the door.  Leave your fears behind.  Let me give you what you\’re giving me.  You are the only thing that makes me want to live at all.  When I am with you there\’s no reason to pretend that when I am with you I feel flames again.  Just put me inside you.  I would never ever leave.  Just put me inside you.  I would never ever leave you.

3 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. K well umm intresting ending.   I can only assume that it’s a song.  I want ya to know that I pray for you =-]

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