Breaking Up

Today is 8 days before Danny and I\’s 2 year anniversary.  Too bad we broke up at one o\’clock this morning.  I got 10 minutes of sleep last night and now I\’m an emotional wreck.  I\’m literally crying while typing this.  I never thought that it would end like this….so badly.  It\’s totally my fault, and I cannot say I\’m sorry enough.  Nothing I can possibly do will make it better.  I can\’t believe that it happened.  I don\’t even remember what life was like without Danny and I cannot even deal with it at all.  I should never do anything ever.  I always mangae to screw up the best things that God has given me and God did give me Danny.  I do love him.  I love him with everything that I have.  I wish that I had a rewinder so I could rewind a while ago and fix it before it happened, but I can\’t.  Now I don\’t know what to do and I lost my boyfriend and bestfriend in less then 24 hours.  A strong friendship that took 2 years to develop suddenly crushed in literally an hour.  I\’m so depressed.  I couldn\’t sleep last night, I had like 3 panic attacks, I haven\’t been able to eat, I\’ve nearly thrown up a couple times.  Anyways, if i\’m not in the best of moods you know why.

\”What I really meant to say was I\’m sorry for the way I am.  I never meant to be so cold.\”

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  1. Hey Karen…
    I’m so sorry to hear that you two have decided to go separate ways. I know it sounds hard to believe but I know what you’re going through. I know, right? Mely, shut up youhavenofrickenclue. Joe broke up with two weeks away from our six month anniversary. First comes the realization that he’s not going to call you every night like he did, and then you realize that dispite being best friends before and during your relationship… you’re just not anymore. You can’t tell him anything that comes to your mind mostly ’cause it’s missing him. It’s a new feeling — waking up in the morning and forcing yourself to think of another reason why you are actually waking up. You feel empty. So very, very lonely. Well — I’m here to pass along what I’ve already had to learn the hard way. You don’t have to be lonely. You have us, your friends, at your back to hold you up through these hard times. And yes, maybe you both agreed to break up, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Stop asking yourself “why wasn’t I good enough?” because you were everything you could be. You were more than enough. Sadly, these things just happen where you grow apart. But you grow. Look at who you were two years ago before he ever asked you out. Tell me you’re not a gazillion times better. As your friend, I’m obligated to tell you that life will go on. You’ll get over him. As someone who just understands, I’ll tell you that a little part of you may never get over him. That’s ok. Just don’t cut yourself off from the world — stay with your friends and we’ll keep you going. We love you very much; and God will always take care of you…

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