90% Liberal

So I took a little quiz.  Like how Liberal/how conservative you are and guess what…..I\’m 90% liberal…lol  I think it\’s funny.  I also act the age of an 11 year old.  I totally believe that, I can be pretty immature.  Anyways, Danny came home…yay!  It makes me so happy!  He makes me so happy!  hopefully I do the same for him.  I bought a pair of shorts the other day, the only pair I own.  Sara an dI made up and she slept over and we talked until like 3:30 in the morning.  It was insane we talked about everything.  We went to the mongolian cafe, which was really good and then we went to visit Jessi.  It was fun.  Then Danny came home and told me all about his retreat and he was so happy, which made me so happy.  We\’re really doing great.  We haven\’t even fought in like a week…lol.  i\’m in a really good mood I guess…which is my job so I feel like I\’m fulfilling my duty.

\”The only thing I need is a void that you can fill.  I jump ship and run even farther in your will.\”

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