Fake Nail Drama

I have, for about the last 4 hours, been trying to remove my fake nails, and how many do you think I have done  2. That\’s right I have only successfully removed 2 of my 10 fake nails.  it\’s gonna be a long night.  Danny went to Explore retreat today…he won\’t be back until Thursday.  I went to Panera Bread orientation…I am now a working girl.  Yesterday was…interesting.  There was some good parts, some bad parts…you know.  The park was really fun.  I want kids so bad.  I love Grace and Isaac and Chris and Angie.  Thanks for cooking the chicken…It was pretty good.  I wasn\’t really feeling all that well yesterday though.  Aaron, Kailey, Danny and I met up with Sara at Piccolmolo\’s.  Then we went to Danny\’s house.  Rachel\’s party was yesterday so Danny and i went to that even though he didn\’t want to go.  he promised he would.  everyone stayed at his house, which I thought was really weird.  I wasn\’t supposed to go anywhere cause my godfather left today and i wanted to kinda talk to him before he left.  So we invited the people that were at Danny\’s house to my house, and Sara was all like well what are we gonna do there.  She doesn\’t like my house.  It makes her feel uncomfortable….apparently i do that to people.  Then when they get there kailey and sara don\’t even include danny, aaron and I in their little text message convo.  I can only imagine what their conversation was like….omg get me out of here….we were having more fun at Danny\’s house without danny and karen there…i wanna go home….or who knows it could have been something completely irrelevant and stupid like i\’m hungry, but seeing as they wouldn\’t tell us what it was i can only guess.  Why would someone come into another person\’s house and not even involve them in their conversation…not only not involve them, but specifically keep them from joining in…that\’s just rude in my opinion.  You know what Kailey…I felt unwelcome in my own house.  And Kailey, i read all of the people\’s thing and maybe i\’m just egotistical and overly dramatic and always think everything is about me but i have a feeling that your comment \”I\’m sick of you being such an immature little jerk about all of this. You know the blame falls on your lack of trust, not me.\” was aimed towards me.  And if i\’m right, i wish you had the guts to come up to me and say that to my face, because i think putting all that on your xanga is a pretty weak way to be bashing people.  I don\’t think it\’s very nice of you to do in my opinion, either go up to them and tell them exactly what you think about them or just keep quiet, but don\’t go randomly bashing people anonymously or if you want to do it do it in a private diary or something because you know that can hurt people\’s feelings.  And if I\’m wrong than forget the whole thing, i just don\’t think it\’s right. i know that\’s how you feel and I\’m sorry you feel that way.l  Sorry guys i guess i\’m just kinda mad right now…maybe i\’ll post something when  i\’m in a little better of a mood.

3 thoughts on “Fake Nail Drama”

  1. Im Sorry. I didnt feel uncomfartable at first cause i guess i get so depressed i just enjoy being somewhere other than my house, either that or with friends, and Karen you are my friend. I Sorry

  2. I didn’t feel uncomfortable either because I wasn’t there because I never see you! I’m just kidding Kare Bear, except the part where I don’t see you, that’s true. I miss you You should spend the night some time this summer. I don’t know when.

  3. but it’s okay that you, danny and aaron had a conversation excluding sara and i. i mean, apples and oranges eh? we started it so it’s our fault right?

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