Almost Heros

Hey all, just thought I should check in seeing as i\’m not doing much anyways.
I woke up late today…oops!  Yesterday I sat around and didn\’t do much until Danny called and asked if I wanted to go to CiCi\’s with Angie Chris and Kailey.  That was pretty fun.  Then we went to my house so I could eat taco salad….which I think is way better than Pizza.  Danny was getting frustrated…like really frustrated with Napster….i\’m sorry babe!  i watched Almost Heros…That is a really funny movie.  I never heard of it before….it has Matthew perry and Chris Farley and Eugene Levy in it.  I\’d never even heard about it before.  i did alot of traveling yesterday…home to school to pick up susan…from school to wal-mart to home to CiCi\’s to home to church to Danny\’s to home to Danny\’s to Walmart to Danny\’s to Home….i don\’t quite know why I said that…it\’s not like it\’s pertinent information.  My godfather is coming down tomorrow…i\’m soo excited!!!  And my cousin!!  They live all the way in ME and they\’re coming down for my graduation.  it\’ll be pretty fun…my godfather is awesome…anyways..I\’m gonna go…ttyl

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