Goodbye Klein

So today is officially the last real school day of my high school
career.  It\’s sooo weird to think that I\’ll never go back to Klein
the same way again.  I admit, I have to attend 1, 3 and 4 periods
tomorrow, but I get out really early.  I don\’t have to go at all
on Tues. and after that it\’s check-in and graduation practice.  I
can\’t even believe that I\’ll be moving out soon.  It\’s so foreign
and weird.  One of my best friends is going to Arlington with me
though, so it\’s not like i\’ll be completely alone.  I\’m gonna see
Peter Pan tonight and tom. I\’m gonna hopefully get a
computer….yay!!  Drama Banquet is also tomorrow and Senior Mass
is 9:00 on Sunday, so I\’m pretty busy i guess.  I just got
Captivating, and Angie was right…it\’s soo good.
\”I\’ll spread my wings and I\’ll learn how to fly.\”

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