I stole this quiz from Meaghan….I like quizzes….shut up

1. If your life was a little glass ball, who would you trust enough to
give it to?
Danny, because he would never do anything to hurt me…at least
not on purpose.  I mean even if someday we break up, he\’s still my
best friend and I love him.


2. Do you think our futures are already planned out for us?
I mean, God knows everything, but he gives us free-will.  We don\’t
know what the plan is but as in the book of Jeremiah \”I know well the
plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for
woe, plans to give you a future full of hope.\”
3. Do adults really understand teenagers?
I don\’t think we give them enough credit, but I never really feel understood by adults.


4. How often do you feel like you just need OUT?
Alot lately, probably because I\’m about to go to
college.  But at the same time I\’m absolutely terrified.


5. What would you do if you found out somone very close to you (for
example, boy/girlfriend you\’ve been dating for years) told you they
were a member of the KKK?
If Danny told me he was in the KKK I would laugh really hard, because….well it\’s Danny, you\’d laugh too.

6. Does the music you listen to affect decisions you make in your
every day life?
To an extent I think the kind of music you\’re
listening to affects your mood…i.e. hard rock-angry,
classical-peaceful, and your mood definitely affects decisions.
Sometimes lyrics also have a special meaning that I think God gives you
to reveal something.  Not that I think that happens all the time,
but I think God uses all kinds of things to get through to his
children, because we all respond to diferent things.


7. In the end, will we all be forgiven?
Yes definately.  We are like a small black dot
in God\’s huge whiteness.  He can so easily make us pure, and he
does, because he loves us sooo much.
8. Do you understand why some people would want to commit suicide?
Yeah I guess because they feel trapped.  They
really just don\’t see any other way which is soo sad to me.  I
think it\’s a very selfish thing that hurts everyone who loves
them.  I think it\’s incredibly sad to know that someone feels so
bad about themselves and about the future that they feel like suicide
is the only option.
9. Have you ever been to a big protest?
Not yet…but I think it woud be cool if it was peaceful and I really supported it.
10. What does it take for you to assume a guy is gay?
I don\’t know…there\’s just something about them.
11. Truthfully, do you want to make a difference when you grow up?
I want to make a difference to people right around
me…ie, my husband, family, friends, children, etc.  I\’m probably
gonna be a teacher so hopefully I\’ll make alot of little differences.
12. Are we really free in America?
I think Americans think they are more free than they
really are.  I mean, politically we are free, but I think that
most Americans suffer from slavery to their instant desires and their


13. Are you/have you ever been clinically depressed?
No…I\’m generally a happy person.  Sometimes I get down on myself, but doesn\’t everyone.
14. Do you have any mental disorders, etc?
I really really think I suffer from an anxiety
disorder, but it\’s never been diagnosed.  I\’d be very surprised if
I didn\’t. I\’m constantly worried about everything.
15. Is it noble of a person to actually forgive everyone, even
people like Sadaam Hussein?
Oh yeah.  It\’s easy to hate your enemy, but it
takes alot of strength, courage, and love to forgive your enemy.
That\’s what makes JP2 so awesome….he forgave the guy who tried to
kill him, and Jesus forgave EVERYONE.
16. Is it fair for a president to draft soldiers to the army?
I really don\’t think drafting is fair.  I feel
like if a president wants to go to war, he should fight in it.  We
wouldn\’t get in as many wars.  I also think that people will fight
for what they believe in, but if there\’s not enough people that believe
in it to fight for it, than the war isn\’t what we want.  It seems
lately that the wars have been more about money than freedom.
17. Are we a lost generation?
No…we are misguided, but I think there\’s alot of good people…..We just live in a crazy world.


18. Is it bad to call someone retarded?
I personally don\’t like it.


19. Would you consider AIDS the worst disease on earth?
It\’s way up there with cancer I think….It\’s soo sad.
20. Does God owe us an explaination?
God doesn\’t owe us ANYTHING.  We owe God EVERYTHING

21. What the heck are we fighting for?
the Truth
22. Is money the root of all evil?
Money isn\’t the root of all evil…the devil
is…..he just uses money to get to people by using greed and whatnot.
23. Is everyone a good person at heart?
Yes…I definately believe that
24. If a woman was raped and got pregnant, and then decided to get
an abortion, would you still consider her a \”baby killer\”?
I would never call anyone a baby killer, because
that\’s terrible.  I feel like it would be an exteremely sad
situation and I would be disappointed in her decision because it is a
baby.  I\’m pro-life, but I feel like the best way to get through
to people is by compassion not calling them baby killer….that\’s awful
25. Do you want to be alive when the antichrist comes, just to
experience it?:
no No NO NOOOWay would I want to be there….that would be horrifying
26. Are you a good person at heart?
We all are


27. Is it really wrong for teachers to hug their students?
Hugs…no….there is a line though like sex
28. Would you mind being president?
I would hate being the president….it would be so
hard….you have to sell your soul to the public pretty much
29. Do you find it weird, that you never know what your future will
bring, and you might really end up as the president, or the first
No I think it\’s wonderful…I mean you never want
anyone to ruin the ending of a really great movie would you….why
would you want to ruin the ending in the greatest story you\’ve ever
experienced…your life
30. Are \”followers\” really that bad, considering you can\’t have a
leader without them?
No not at all.  We are all called to be followers


31. Have you seen Farenheit 9/11?


32. If you answered yes to #31, did you enjoy it? Did you agree with it?
Enjoy it? ehh…not really…I mean I guess it was ok, but it wasn\’t
that great.  Agree? Some of it definately….the part about the
media and how it helps control us I think is very true.  I don\’t
agree with the war either, but I don\’t hate George W. Bush…I don\’t
always agree with him, but I don\’t hate him either.
33. If you answered no to #31, why not?: N/A


34. Have you ever told someone to \”go to hell\”, and really meant it?
No…that\’s horrible
35. Do you give homeless people spare change, even though you know
they\’ll just buy booze or drugs?
No, and I feel bad about that, but I\’m really scared
of rolling down my window and reaching out my arm to a stranger…..i
mean you never know what\’ll happen.
36. When someone does something you know is wrong, like make a
racist or sexist comment, what do you do?
It depends…if I\’m friends with them I\’ll give my
opinion….if it\’s just someone random I\’ll keep my mouth shut.
37. Are you embarrased by your family\’s background?
No….I love my family….who doesn\’t love the French and Germans
38. Even if you don\’t believe Jesus was our savior, do you still think that what he did was very noble?
Well, he is the savior…..so yeah very noble in deed
39. Is God really watching over us?
If he wasn\’t we all would have killed each other by now


40. What do you picture heaven being like?

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