This weekend was Klein\’s Prom, and it was absolutely AMAZINGLY
PERFECT.  At least to me.  I know alot of people didn\’t have
the best time ever, but I thought it was awesome.  Saturday:
Woke up and hung out until 12:30 and then got my hair done.  For
those of you who care and didn\’t see it it was a half up/half down do
and all of it curly…which is totally cool, cause my hair NEVER
curls.  then I went to Angie\’s and she did my make-up and it
looked sooo good.  Yay for Angie.  thank you sooooo
much.  Then I went home, put on my dress and waited for my knight
in shining armor to arrive and escort me to Prom.  Danny arrived
in a white tux with a light blue vest.  Then we went to Josh\’s for
pictures.  We left really early too, because when we got to the
Artista we were 45 minutes early.  But they took us anyways
because they are amazing.  Then we got lost like 3 times.
Went to the Sofitel and danced until APE, which was fun….we played
blackjack, texas hold\’em and some of the blowup things….including
that supercool bungee one.  Then we saw a hypnotist, which was
really cool.  It was about 6:30 when we left, and I won a $100
check I found out about today…so that is fun.  Sunday: Slept,
went to the mall for a bit, slept some more, texas hold\’em with the
family.  Monday: Went to school, I was like 1 of 6
seniors….lol.  Grace\’s B-day party @ Chuck E Cheese\’s and then
Starbucks where I got to talk to Kevin for the first time in like 2 1/2
years.  It was really awesome.  Today: Watched the rest of
Big Fish which is an amazing movie…you should see it. And posted in
my xanga.
\”Most men, they\’ll tell you a story straight true. It won\’t be complicated, but it won\’t be interesting either.\” – Big Fish

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