I post because I am trying desperately to avoid doing my HUGE economics
project due on Monday.  Senioritis is totally catching up to
me.  My iPod is upsetting me…or rather the fact that iTunes
doesn\’t read my iPod and all of the stuff on it got erased and now it\’s
completely useless.  It upsets me greatly.  I really want a
nice romantic night tonight for some reason.  That\’s what I\’m in
the mood for.  Like a candlelight dinner, a walk under the
stars…I\’m so hopelessly Romantic…haha that makes me laugh.  Or
maybe I could go for a REAL dinner and a movie or miniature
golf.  But I almost gaurantee what my night\’s gonna be like.
I\’ll probably stay home and Danny will probably come over and we\’ll
just chill like we always do.  I don\’t mind it really, I just want
to be treated like a princess every once in a while.  I don\’t mind
doing nothing though….it\’s realxing and not expensive.  So
anyways, prom is next weekend and I\’m starting to get nervous.
like really nervous, like everything is gonna go wrong.  Anyways,
I think Danny might call me soon….hopefully and maybe I\’ll get my

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