Tommy Tune Awards

Tommy Tune was AMAZING!!!  It was soo much fun.  Klein\’s Beauty and the Beast won the following:
1) Best Scenic Design
2) Best Orchestra
3) Best Musical Direction
4) Best Direction
5) Best Leading Actress – Melissa Bowden as Belle

It was soo cool.  We won 6/12 awards we were nominated for.
The talent there was soo good and I absolutely LOVED Spring Wood\’s
Suessical, but then again I\’m like absolutely in love with the musical,
and I was sooo super excited that Paul Sabala from Spring Woods won
Best Leading Actor.  I was so excited, he was sooo amazingly
amazing, and he was super super sweet.  Anyways, that\’s pretty
much the extent of how cool my life has been.  It\’s Danny\’s B-day
today and I lost my debit card which is not good.  I don\’t really
know what else to say.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Let\’s Play a Game.  Guess the Song from my iTunes by the 1st line:
1.  Turn it inside out so I can see.
2.  Look at this stuff.  Isn\’t it neat?
3.  Even though the moment passed me by, I still can\’t turn away.
4.  This is a story of a girl.
5.  The Lord is my shepherd.  I shall not want.

I love you guys!
\”Abortion is wrong.\” – Mr. Keane

1 thought on “Tommy Tune Awards”

  1. err i dont know the right names for the ones i know but one but yea here it is….

    1. I cant recall2. That song from Little Mermaid (i dont know why i know)3. I cant recall4. Absolutly – Ninedays5. It came from Psalm 23, i forgot the name

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