Sea Otters

Isn\’t that the cutest animal ever!?!  Jenessa and I are doing our
Aquatic Science project on the sea otter.  Anyways.  Things
have been kind of stressful/hard for me lately.  I\’ve been
emotionally…..uptight I\’ll say.  Anyways, Prom is really
crazy.  I feel bad about the whole thing.  I\’m sorry to
everyone it has negatively affected, but I have my reasons of why I
decided to split from the group.  It has nothing to do with the
people, just issues.  We\’re going to the Artista though, which I\’m
really excited about.  Lydia, Sara, Danny, Jessi, Kelly and I all
babysat Grace and Isaac tonight, which was fun.  We played
Catchphrase which is where the quote of the entry comes from.
Thank you Angie for your wonderful advice.  I really got it and I
noticed a whole new shift in my perspective, especially towards Danny
and our whole relationship.  I really think it helped me alot, and
I\’m happier as a result.  Anyways, just thought I\’d shout that one
out to you.  I think I\’m gonna \”go to bed\” meaning I\’m probably
gonna lay in bed and call Danny.  I love him.
\”Girl\’s have these.\” – Danny

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