UTA Visit

I went up to UTA for the first time with Rachel and Mrs. Neyrey.
It was alright.  I mean the campus was pretty and everything and
it seems nice, but it would seem alot nicer if I got a car, becasue
there is no public transportation at all.  I\’m gonna have to
walk…EVERYWHERE.  That\’s not gonna be fun.  I better get
skinny and in shape by next year.  It was ok…especially the
Molten Chocolate cake part.  Then I went to Danny\’s confirmation
party.  yay.  I\’m tired, I got up at 4 so I guess I\’m kinda
in a crummy mood, so overall the whole party thing was kinda
crappy.  I mean, it was fun, but I just wasn\’t in it.  I
always seem upset when I\’m around them, but I\’m not always upset I
swear.  Just when Danny\’s around.  I\’m tired I\’m going to bed.
\”You\’re the loudest one in here.\” – Me

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