Congratulations, You\’ve Been Accepted to UTA

I hate college already! The whole thing is RIDICULOUS! So, I\’m going to UTA (not where I wanted to go in the first place) and I send my little agreement thing, oh i don\’t know…weeks ago and I finally get something in the mail…YES! IU open it and it says, Congratulations you\’ve been accepted. Well I already knew that….THEY HAVE TO ACCEPT ME that\’s part of the deal that UT gave me! What other info did they give me? None. They didn\’t tell me anything. at all. It would have been nice for a letter saying something like, now you should register for orientation or here\’s your ID and password so you can do something…but no. I get a lousy certificate that gives me no guidance whatsoever of what I should do so that I can go to UTA for a year and then transfer to UT. It\’s sooo stupid. It makes me hate college. Sorry for the rant…I\’m just frustrated.
\”After the great Pope, John Paul II, the Lord Cardinals have elected me, a simple, humble worker in the Lord\’s vineyard.\”
-Pope Benedict XVI

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  1. Karen I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but thats kinda typical of colleges. Dont expect much till a few weeks. I dont know when i got my ID and Password but it was around mid summer to early fall

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