Welcome Pope Benedict XVI

Today I didn\’t have to go to school until 9:51! It was soo exciting for me. I really didn\’t do much all day, I mean I really didn\’t do much. The most interesting part was Cardinal Ratzinger becoming the new Pope. That makes me happy. I lean more on the liberal side when it comes to government, but I\’m a pretty conservative Catholic. There was a huge cockroach in my Sociology class today. Half the class moved because they were afraid of it. We also had a Graded discussion about Frankenstein, which only about 2 people read, so that was fun. The rest of the day was spent importing cd\’s into my iTunes. Crap. I just remembered I was supposed to call Danny, but I totally forgot. I hope he doesn\’t care too much. I now have 833 songs. YAY!
\”I can\’t do 3 because of a cockroach!\” – Mr. Rice

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  1. I suppose the Roach wanted to learn.
    When i found out we got a pope i was so excited. I think Catholics worldwide felt the Holy Spirit fill them today. Did you hear when Benidict XVI came out the weather cleared for him just like it did with JPII

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