A Personalized Homily

I\’ll start with yesterday. After the mini-daycamp thing I went to mass for the first time in a long time with my family. Have you ever been to a mass that just talked to you specifically about something going on in your life at that very moment. It was so closely related to my life that my whole family decided to look at me during the homily. It was soo awkward. I felt very uncomfortable. Then My family went to the potato patch with some family friends of ours. Our waitress was cool. Her name was Demetri. I had a heart to heart conversation with Angie. I love you Angie! I showed Kathy my prom dress and she suggested some accessories for it. Today I went downtown to the hobby center and ushered for Movin\’ Out. I liked it. I really want to see On The Record that\’s playing May 31 through June something…6 I think. Went to Fazoli\’s and came home took a shower, and here I am, writing in my xanga waiting for Danny to come home. He said something about 8, but I don\’t know if that was what time his flight leaves Milwaukee or gets into Houston, or when he gets home. Anyways, I\’ll talk to you later.
\”I was adopted and my mother found me in a dumpster outside a Mexican restaurant. That\’s how come she knew I was Hispanic.\” – Demetri

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