Girl Scout Mini Day Camp

So today I got up at seven to go help out at this girl scout mini-day
camp singalong thing.  I was like the oldest teenager there.
(I was helping guide the girls who were running it)  We had like a
2 hour break for lunch, and cause I didn\’t really know anyone there I
went to the library and then took a nap under some trees and
slept.  It was wonderful.  Both my boyfriend and my mother
went to a funeral today (Danny\’s grandmother and my mom\’s friend\’s dad)
which is pretty ironic if you ask me.  Yesterday, Angie, Kelly,
Kailey, Chris, Grace and Isaac went to the woodlands mall but it closes
at 9….which is ridiculous if you ask me…so we didn\’t even get to
shop or anything.  Then we went to piccomolo\’s but left because it
smelled like vomit.  Then we went to starbucks, but Angie didn\’t
like it very much.  I don\’t know why…I mean, I don\’t think
anyone was looking at her thinking…..oh my gosh a grown up, guess
we\’re not gonna have fun tonight.  That\’s all I have to say.
\”Tarzan. Swinging from a rubber band. Tarzan. Fell into a frying pan. uh oh. Now Tarzan has a tan.\” – Girl Scout Song

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