Danny is Gone for a Whole Week

Danny\’s in Wisconsin. I miss him already.  He hasn\’t
been gone for 6 hours yet, how sad is that!  But, you know what
they say, Distance makes the heart grow stronger.  I think I\’m in
a really I love Danny kind of mood right now so please bear with
me.  I really don\’t want to leave him 6 hours behind next year,
he\’s my best friend.  It\’s soo cool I always wanted to date my
best friend, and now I totally get to.  He\’s just a really sweet
really good guy, and I\’m totally head over heels for the boy.  I
mean he\’s gotta be a good guy when he\’ll voluntarily be with me 90% of
the time (I can be pretty \”difficult\” and \”temperamental\” as SOME people
like to say)  Anyways.  I had piano today.  She told me
I had to come back to do Christmas duets.  I love the piano, but I
hate playing in front of people.  I\’m going shopping in Harwin
street with Angie, Kelly and I think Kailey too.  Yay!  It
will distract me from the fact that my boyfriend is in another
state.  O my gosh, Are you listening to me?  He\’ll only be
gone for a weekend…I\’m such a baby.  When did I become so
dependent?  Oh well, I don\’t mind it, he makes me sooo
happy.  Sorry guys I didn\’t mean to get all mushy and girly on
you, but what can I say I am a girl.

3 thoughts on “Danny is Gone for a Whole Week”

  1. Hey K,
    I think its “absence makes the heart grow fonder”  not like it matters both are good.   Cant wait to shop even though I have no money..lol

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