Mass for Pope John Paul II

Today I attended one of the most moving masses I hve ever been to. There was such a realness to it and an intimacy today that it was incredible. I love Father John and to see him tonight was seeing God\’s strength. He is so strong and I respect him so much. He really moved me. I can\’t tell you how much it meant to me being there participating in mass with him. He\’s so human, but he really has God\’s strength and you can tell. When it seemed as if he himself could not go on any longer God lifted him up and he remained strong. I saw tonight a man who was so in love with the former pope that he literally gave of himself completely in honor of Pope John Paul II for that hour, which is by far the greatest gift anyone can ever do. God Bless him.
\”Father Sunni, I hope you\’re happy.\”
-Fr. John

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