Busy as a Bee

I really want to get my information from Arlington today. That would be marvelous. I have a major economics project due tomorrow that I should be working on, but I guess I\’m not. Oh senioritis is such a bad thing. Ok so you wanna hear what my life is going to be like for the next month or so? This weekend I\’m going camping for the last time ever! On Sunday there is this huge ceremony thing for Gold Award recipients that I will be attending. The next weekend I am helping teach songs to daisy girl scouts with a troop of girls for a mini-daycamp thing from 8 am to about 2:30 pm That\’s on that saturday. The next weekend I have a break, but I kinda want to go up to Arlington just to see. maybe, it depends on how I feel. On the 30th I have a piano recital, then Tommy Tune rehearsal so that on May 2nd I can preform at the hobby center as a cupcake. on May 4th it\’s Danny\’s birthday and on the 14th is PROM! Yay! SO pretty much that\’s a sum up of everything so far. Love ya lots.
\”Life is the most common STD\”

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