For Pope John Paul II

This entry is devoted to Pope John Paul II and to the Catholic Church
who share with me my pain at the loss of our Shepherd.  Our Holy
Father, Pope John Paul II has departed from this earth, but I know that
he is in the presence of our most holy King of Kings.  It\’s sad,
but happy in a way.  Kind of like the Passion.  I mean no one
can deny that the Passion is sad.  How can it not be?  But
isn\’t it also the most glorious and beautiful thing that has ever
graced our planet?  Without his death, we would not have life and
therein lies the irony.  The Passion isn\’t something to be
mournful about, it is cause for a celebration. Without the death of Our
Lord, there can be no life, and I am most grateful for life.  Our
Shepherd has left us in this world and suffered his \”passion\” and is
now enjoying an eternal Easter.  Who wouldn\’t want that?

\”Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.\”
-Pope John Paul II

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