My Muse Has Left The Building

I have spent about an hour on the computer attempting to make my xanga
cooler, but as you can probably see, there is nothing different.
My inaptitude at using computers is a sad, but very real
situation.  I have to help with Kailey\’s father daughter dance
today from 3 until 7 ish maybe…it might be later, I really have no
idea.  When I signed on to update my xanga, I was like….I\’m
gonna have a lot of philisophical stuff to say about the world and my
life and God and all that great stuff, but now that I\’m typing, I have
no inspiration has gone.  As my godfather, or Christian witness
(technically, because he\’s Lutheran, not Catholic) would say, my muse
has left the building.  I\’m going camping next weekend.
Probably the last time with my girl scout troop ever.  That\’s
really sad.  I\’m gonna miss them so much!  Heck, I\’m gonna
miss everyone so much.  Come visit me in Arlington next
year!  It\’s weird only 5 more months living in Houston with my
wonderful family, dysfunctional and loud as it is, and my wonderful
friends, and my amazing boyfriend…who I love very much.
Speaking of whcih I was looking for a better picture of me to put on my
profile and I came across Danny\’s school picture from last year.
I have absolutely no idea why it\’s on my computer.  Weird
\”Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.\” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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