The Decision Has Been Made

I was informed that I don\’t update my xanga as much as I should and I
can tell you why.  It\’s because the one computer I had the most
access to at all hours of the day has recently been moved into my
sister\’s room.  Talk about a ripoff.  I\’m soo older.
The computer downstairs can seldom be accessed at night, because that
is when my dad plays hearts and the one in my parent\’s room is off
limits cause my mom is usually sleeping.  Susan is at wrestling
banquet right now so here i am.  For those of you who don\’t
know.  I am going to go to University of Texas at Arlington next
year.  I already sent in my agreement.  It\’s through the CAP
program for UT so my sophomore year I\’ll be in Austin.  I was upset
at first, but I\’m fine now.  I went to Chris\’s today with Aaron,
Kailey, Kelly,  Joe and Steph.  It was much fun.  In
other news our holy father, pope John Paul the Second is nearing his
demise.  The world watches and prays in this time of great
distress.  Meanwhile Terri has left this world.  That whole
situation was just done completely wrong and I am ashamed to live in a
country where human life is not respected.  But there\’s nothing I
can do about it but rant, so I guess I shouldn\’t talk about it.
\”Amen I say to you…\”

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