I Didn\’t Know You Wrote a Comment

I feel like such a loser. I never ever check my comments cause i didn\’t know that I needed to check them, cause I really didn\’t think people actually read my xanga. But I was wrong. Anyways, I\’m sitting here with really nothing to do, and I desperately want to do something noteworthy this spring break, ya know? Like somebody please do something to get me out of my house. Holy Thursday is today. Very exciting. Anyways, That\’s about it, I might go to Pei Wei with my mommy, but then again I don\’t know. I love you all.
\”Some states are trying to abolish the death penalty. My state\’s putting it in express lane.\” – Ron White

1 thought on “I Didn\’t Know You Wrote a Comment”

  1. Hmm now that you know about comments (im sure more people than me and Steff read) i would like to say this…. COME VISIT ME!!!!! but since its almost 1 and you would get here around 3 hang out for 1hr and then join me on a short visit to my class than go home i dont think its worth it.

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