Group Break Up Event

I never update do I? I bet no one even reads this xanga anymore, but you know what….I don\’t care. I will continue writing even if it is completely inconsistant. Let\’s see. Friday night was party down with Righteaous B! It was much fun….at least I liked it, then me, eden, lydia, & joe a. went to Denny\’s, so it was fun. Yesterday I worked paper drive, went to Isaac\’s 1st birthday, and went to \”break up with Gurky\”. Todya I went to TGI Friday\’s and the mall with Patrick (as it was his b-day), Aaron, and Danny. A pretty active weekend if I do say so myself. Right now I\’m eating mac and cheese, and updating my xanga. Life is pretty good.
\”I\’m sorry, I forgot I\’m not supposed to question people with vaginas.\” – Danny

2 thoughts on “Group Break Up Event”

  1. haha i read it karen. you guys should’ve come to paul’s pizza. and no, i did not make babies with paul and danny even though you did give us permission.

  2. I read it. Cause your awesome. Danny is lucky.
    Oh yea for relationships minicourse im gonna make a shirt, can i quote you on calling me Emo? silence means agreement

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