I\’m Legal

I totally haven\’t written in like FOREVER!  I\’m sorry…i know how
disappointed you must be with me.  Let\’s See.  Beauty and the
Beast recently got over and we were sold out 6/7 of the shows.  I
turned 18.  Yay!  Danny got me a diamond ring for my 18th
birthday and his mom and dad and sister got me the sims 2.  (The
ring is currently at the jewelers being resized.  I\’ll get it back
by Feb. 16)  I bought me prom dress.  It\’s light blue and
white…..so pretty.  I fell down the stairs and banged up my leg
(it looks like someone beat me up)  I\’m staffing beginning retreat
the last weekend of Feb.  I stayed home from school sick yesterday
and had to miss the Reliant K Concert I was supposed to go to.
That\’s pretty much how my life has been lately.  I don\’t think I
missed anything too big, but seeing as the last time i wrote in this it
was December the chances I missed stuff Is HUGE.  Anyways, I\’ll
try to be more updated in the future.  I love you all!
\”A person\’s a person, no matter how small.\” – Seussical

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