You know what\’s sad…..i have like 3 generic passwords that i use for
just about everything, and I had to try all three to get into my
xanga.  Perhaps this is a sign that is telling me that i need to
update my xanga a little more often.  So I finished my application
to St. Edward\’s this week.  I wrote my essay at Danny\’s
house.  I wrote about how our society is stressed out and operates
on instant gratification.  I was happy with it.  So today is
the last day of Thanksgiving break.  That depresses me
somewhat.  I mean my brother came down and he\’s starting an online
newspaper.  So go here,
to check it out…it\’s actually pretty cool, and even though it might
sound weird, i garuntee you…all the information on the website is
well researched…..i would put my life on that….if you\’ve ever met
my brother you\’d agree.   If you
like it tell your friends….if you don\’t tell your enemies.  I
really do love my brother, and even if you don\’t agree with him, i
would appreciate it if you at least went to look at it.
Anyways.  I\’m really happy right now…the weather is
beautiful…i have a wonderful family/friends/boyfriend/life…..i mean
what more can a girl ask for…right?
\”Nothing like hope to drive a human soul.\”

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