Beginning Retreat

It hasn\’t been THAT long since my last entry.  I went on beginning
retreat this weekend and I was overall pleased.  There were some
things that really didn\’t make me happy, but overall, the actual
retreat itself was fine…give or take a few instances.  Some of
it was really frustrating to me, and the worst part is is that I
couldn\’t say anything about it.  That\’s really hard for me.
I like saying what\’s on my mind.  There\’s so much messed up drama
in our youth group it seems, and it\’s not always just the youth.
I don\’t know.  Anyways… sister went on it, so that was
fun.  I\’m really tired now though so i\’m going to go to bed.
\”Who is going to harm you if you are enthusiatic for what is good?\”
-1 pt 3:13

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