College Visits

Ok, i know I haven\’t written in like forever and a day.  Sorry
about that guys.  I know you are all probably oh so
disappointed.  Let\’s update, shall we?  Homecomings: they
were alot of fun. I mean I really enjoyed them.  Umm let\’s
see.  I made the Musical BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!  I\’m soo super
excited.  I\’m a townsperson/angry mob/enchanted chorus.  ROCK
ON!  Staffing Beginning Retreat & my sister\’s going on
it.  Went with Danny to Austin & saw Jenn & Meghann.
Party down 6th street!  Anyways.  I also did my Gold Award
Project (you know the Halloween carnival).  Thank you to everyone
who helped me.  I really appreciate it sooo much!  That\’s
really been the
highlights.  Yeah so here\’s my life.  I\’ll try to be more

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