I can\’t believe it.  I think I have lost my love for
showers.  I mean I literally went in no more than 15 minutes
ago.  What has happened to me.  this is ridiculous.  so
i have spent alot of today worrying about homecoming.  except the
part where chris and danny and I had a picnic w/speghettios, sterno and
beans.  then i had a piano lesson.  then danny and i went to
Le Madeline to pick up a menu, cuase i think that\’s where we\’re going
to go for Klein\’s h/c. of course there WAS the incident of calling the
cheesecake factory that I almost had to do….grumble….and now danny
and i are going up there like an hour earlier than we need ot be.
but anyways.  but anyways.  I guess i\’m kinda blah right
now.  i don\’t know.  i\’m gonna sleep now.
\”You\’re like nomads traveling in the forest.\” – Fr. Sunni

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