Amplitude is Better than Frequency

I hate amplitude so freaking much.  That\’s about my main beef at
the present moment.  3 day week-end people rock on….i\’ve been
saying that alot lately, and i really don\’t know why.  So anyways
today i went to 12:30 mass and then went to the Mongolian Cafe with
Michelle.  it was very exciting.  then i went home played
amplitude, but got nowhere…worked on gold award stuff, and the went
on a picnic w/danny, paul & sara.  Then we all hung out at
danny\’s, but sara got sick so we had to bring her home early.
Then danny chilled at my house for a little while.  we wrestled,
and he beat me.  like completely killed me.  I didn\’t even
have a chance.  Oh we also went to the world market and I saw a
really awesome buddha pictue to hang on a wall.  I\’m
excited.  our APE theme is Disney….how cool is that?!  I
think it is anyways.  I saw Noises Off on Friday and I enjoyed
it.  I thought it was really funny and well done.  In my
opinion.  I really don\’t know what else to say.  I had a
happy day, and I LOVED the weather.  Have a great night ya\’ll.
\”He went to Rome to blow out that damn candle.\” – Fr. Sunni

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