Dying Fish

I know I haven\’t written in this forever, but hey a girl\’s gotta do
what a girl\’s gotta do.  So yesterday was the 1st presidential
debate, and in my personal opinion, Kerry sounded alot more
professional than Bush did.  But that\’s all I\’m gonna say about
that.  There\’s like 14 people going to Collins homecoming. I
brought my English grade up. not to what I think it should be, but at
least I\’m not failing anymore.  I seriously hate that class.
My fish keep dying in Aquatic Science too… it\’s really sad and
disgusting so far 3/6 have died.  isn\’t that fun?  But
yeah.  We watched the Simpsons in govt. the other day that was
cool.  I have no deep or philisophical thoughts today it\’s like
1:30 in the morning and I was working on college essays and now I\’m
just about beat.  Well I\’ll go for now.  maybe i\’ll talk to
you again soon.
\”When Clinton lied no one died.\”

1 thought on “Dying Fish”

  1. ahhhhhh, KK! wow, dont think im a stalker, but i got to your xanga through several linking. i was like, “ahh, karen. ahhhh!” anyway, just wanted to say hey and see what was going on in ur hut. anyway, hows danny?
    love ya for-eva-megan nix
    my xanga is SIR NIX A LOT!!!! haha, tommy tune buds for life!

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