Getting Lost in Downtown Houston

So it\’s been a week.  Let\’s see.  My brother got his tonsils out, and it\’s really creepy with him being at home, but not talking.  Anyways, i don\’t really remember what all happened this week, i guess it wasn\’t that interesting, although i did go look at fish for aquatic science and watched the BEST movie in pychology (The Cat who drank and used too much).  Ah good stuff.  It was susan\’s b-day on wednesday.  But today i went to astroworld with Shelly and it was sooo much fun.  And surprise surprise we got lost.  Can you imagine that?  Karen getting lost….that\’s impossible.  Riiiight.  Yeah but it was really fun.  We went on like all the big rides and saw part of the country.  But anyways.  That\’s really about it.  I got a new Caedmon\’s Call cd.  I\’m soo excited.  So anyways…i think i\’m gonna work on college essays now.  See ya\’ll later.

\”Give the guns to the lesbians!\”

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