Everybody in the House Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce

I know I haven\’t written in a while.  I\’m sorry.  I
apologize.  It\’s been a hard weekend.  Long and hard.  I
went to St. Vincent De Paul\’s Church.  Man that\’s a nice
church.  Matt Smith talked.  I like him.  He was on Real
World.  Anyways…It was Righteous B\’s church.  And everone
love Righteous B.  Anyways.  It was pretty fun.  I just
want to share with you some thoughts.
1) Jesus is reality
2) If You were the only one on earth, Jesus would have done the same thing, because that\’s how much he loves you

And now i will end with a song:

What crimes have you committed
Demanding such penance
Couldn\’t wait for five more minutes
and a cry for help
this room is so peaceful
this room is so quiet
I hate the silence.
-Caedmon\’s Call \”Center Aisle\”

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