I Love Danny

Recently got back from Mass.  Eating Macaroni and Cheese.
School Started.  Isn\’t that exciting?  I suppose.  I
mean it\’s not a bad deal being a senior and all.  5/7 of my
classes are easy.  So that\’s pretty awesome.  I really want
to go to the woodland\’s mall today.  I don\’t know why.  It\’s
not like i have money.  I\’m super excited for leadership
retreat.  I think Chris is gonna make our youth group pretty
cool.  I have faith in him at least.  Danny\’s doing the
praise and worship.  Yay for him.  It\’s weird, i realized
today that tomorrow is our 14 month anniversary.  That\’s a long
time.  I mean that\’s longer than some marriages.  It makes me
happy.  He makes me happy.  And now my mind is going off on
an I love Danny tangent.  It\’s great to be in love.
Anyways.  I have to finish my stupid parking application.
I\’ll ttyl.
\”In today\’s world you have to bash to win.  Jesus was bashed and won.\”

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