Donuts and then Chinese Food

I have determined I suck at everything.  I realized this today when Danny and I decided to go play tennis.  Mind you I haven\’t played tennis in a number of years and forgot all the rules, but it wasn\’t like Danny ever played tennis either.  He beat me.  2 out of 3.  Granted I beat the last one, but the first game it was 10 to 0.  I know that that\’s not \”real\” tennis scoring, but hey we didn\’t know how to score.  Anyways.  We also went to Kim Leng\’s Chinese Food and Donuts. I mean get this this restaurant serves donuts until 11 and then serves Chinese food.  How cool is that.  We went with Chris.  He got soup.  It was a disaster. For him at least.  He literally had a tray, chopsticks, a spoon, a cup, a fork….a chemistry lab.  After tennis Danny and I decided to go back to his house and work on his puzzle.  Let me rephrase that he worked on his puzzle.  I slept for about an hour and a half.  And I\’m sure you will all be happy to know Ridgefield is out.  We are now looking at Minnesota, Louisiana, and New Jersey.  Then we went to my house and ate hamburger helper and Bil made us read this script he wrote.  It was pretty good I guess.  So we\’re watching the olympic opening ceremony and Danny says he wants to skateboard in my driveway.  Yeah.  I suck at skateboarding.  I fell on my back twice.  So tomorrow I\’m going to a Christian concert with Matt Maher, Ben Walters and Righteous B.  Then I\’m going to Steph\’s and we\’re gonna party hard.  That\’s really all I want to say I guess.  Peace out.

\”I\’ll drink the broth when it cools from molten lava.\” – Chris Vaughan

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