Zing Zing Zingbah

Hey everyone.  Alright let\’s see yesterday I hung out with…..you
guessed it.  Like you didn\’t see that one coming.  So I went
to Danny\’s house and we went shopping for a backpack for him.  So
we go to walmart right?  And what do we see on the shelf?
The Orange Boohbah (and for any of you who don\’t know what a boohbah is
must go right now must click here)
And the orange one is so my favorite.  Zing Zing Zingbah.
Come on that\’s the best name ever.  Anyways then we see the jigsaw
puzzles.  And because we\’re kinda, ok really, dorky we decide to
buy some.  Danny bought like a 3 in one package deal.  Mine
is a photomosaic of winnie the pooh, but it\’s 1000 pieces so if you
want to help me with it I\’d be glad to take it.  It\’s really
hard.  We couldn\’t find a backpack so we went to the army surplus
store where he bought a backpack that looked almost exactly like his
old one.  Then we did some of the puzzles, which is how i know
mine is hard.  Then we went to Arby\’s and came back to my
house.  I was then informed the last show of Last Comic Standing
was coming on so we decided to stop by TCBY before it started.
Then we took a walk and then danny went home.  My sister wnated to
sneak out of the house with her friend to meet a guy under a bridge and
I thought it was a bad idea and really sketchy so i stayed up til like
forever getting her not to go.  Then I talked with her friend
about wiccan and whatnot.  This is what we came up with:
How to find true love:
a) On a friday night during a waxing moon go to a window where you can
see the stars and the moon.  Eat an apple while focusing on you
perfect mate.  When you are finished with the apple set 7 apple
seeds aside to dry.  Take a photograph of yourself and cut your
face out into a heart shape.  Take a rose in your hand and remove
the petals one by one while saying something to describe your perfect
love.  Gather up everything and place them in a pouch.  Hold
this pouch against your heart and repeat this charm \”My true love\’s
face I\’ve yet to see. I know not what his/her name may be. But soon
his/her heart shall beat for me. Come hither, my love, so mate it
be,\”  Carry the pouch each Friday.
b) Pray about it.
….that should be a shirt or something….

2 thoughts on “Zing Zing Zingbah”

  1. that item b) of the finding true love thing kinda works, as in it works for a while and then it stops working, but the first part is really funny, very well choreographed kare bear

  2. hey, whats with you calling her kare bear, pat? That is SO my nickname for her! 1st you steal my “killer boop” and now this? hmmph
    I’ve tried item A (except not), but I’ve just decided that praying works better

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