CGS is Changing

So I found my house in Cincinnati, OH and I like the elementary school in Ridgefield, CT.  I know I\’m a complete loser, but hey I was having fun and wasn\’t hurting anyone so get over it.  It was youth night last night and we didn\’t go to sonic because we didn\’t leave church until 9:30 because sam and melissa were insistant about us reading a booklet about how the bible makes people catholic.  ANYWAYS.  Then we talked about Chris and the retreats and what should change and what should stay the same.  It was interesting to me at least.  CGS is getting a whole new face practically.  So school\’s gonna start on Tuesday.  Isn\’t that exciting?  Anyways I\’m gonna go now, hopefully next time I\’ll talk about mission. Later

\” \’You squashed my tomatoes!\’ \’They\’re not tomatoes anymore they\’re ketchup.\’ \” – Full House

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