Siblings on TV

I\’m going to the Rangers/Red Sox game tonight with Kattiey and Matt.  I\’m really excited about it.  I have a govt. test tomorrow I haven\’t studied for yet, which is no good at all.  I\’ll do it when I get back.  I totally saw my brother on TV yesterday!  Apparently the store he works at in Austin got robbed and it was on TXCN and Rachel, Joey and I were flipping channels and we saw a z-coil and stopped, cause when\’s the last time a z-coil shoe has been on TV….I\’m betting the VAST majority of you reading this have no idea what a z-coil shoe is.  Shame shame.  My sister was supposed to be on FSN today, but I forgot to look.  I\’m sad now.  Well I\’m gonna go get ready for the game.

\”Let me share this whole new world with you.\” – Aladdin

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