A is for Astronomy

Hey all.  Well it\’s the last week of classes for me.  It\’s not even really settling that I am about to complete my freshman year in college.  I\’m such a dork.  I\’m in an interesting situation because even though I completed freshman year, I still kinda have to start over next year at UT…so it\’ll be like freshman year again…only not…if that makes sense.  In alot of respects I have to start over, but I don\’t have to adjust to moving out again.  But yeah.  I don\’t have anything really important to say right now except that I will be getting an A in astronomy…which surprised me and therefore it is possible that I really can get a 4.0 this semester…which is what I wanted.

\”We don\’t know what macaroni means, but we certainly know a good tune when we here it.\”- Mr. Muhl [refering to Yankee Doodle]

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