I watched 5 hours of Boy Meets World today.  It was amazing.  Kinda sad, but amazing.  I\’m trying to get a job at Camp Cho Yeh this summer.  I\’d be a camp counselor for a Christian camp and the lady is gonna call me tomorrow i think for an interview.  Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.  It would let me volunteer at summer RE, go to steubenville and make $750.  How great would that be.  At any rate, we\’ll see how the phone conversation goes.  I don\’t have astronomy tomorrow.  I\’m so excited.  Sleeping in is soo great.  Anyways, I don\’t really have anything else to say that I feel like writing in this entry.  All my deep, thological, philisophical thoughts are in my head and I\’m too tired to actually write them down.  So yeah.

\”She\’s in my U.S. History class.\” – Chris
\”No wonder you don\’t know her.\” – Karen

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