Apparently I Haven\’t Left

Not that anyone I think even really reads this at all.  But I decided I think to keep my xanga….at least for the time being.  I\’m supposed to by in my social research lecture right now, but as I was sitting in lab today, I realized I was incredibly, incredibly tired and extremely dizzy and when I got up to walk out the whole world was spinning and as I was walking back home all I could think of is, I hope I don\’t fall down in an inconvenient place, like the street.  So I came back, because I decided I wouldn\’t even be able to concentrate in lecture.  I really have to go to my Art history discussion section though, which is at 3…regardless if I\’m dizzy or not.  But after that I\’m going home and sleeping most likely until I wake up….and if I\’m feeling better before 5:20, I\’ll go to mass.  At least I\’m not nauseous, because then I wouldn\’t even be able to function at all.  This weekend is Longhorn Awakening 42.  So awesome.  So during Lent, I\’ve decided to make a real conscious effort to not get behind in any of my classes (particularly all the reading that no one ever does) and I realized….that if you take things one day at a time, things are a whole lot less stressful.  Now when my 2 tests on Monday get here, we\’ll see what I say then.  I\’ve been thinking a lot lately, about the kind of person I want to be and more importantly, what I don\’t want to be.  But yeah, I have to go to class now, so faretheewell!

\”Go and conserve your Delta U.\” – Patrick

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