Are My Standards Too High?

I am desperately trying to avoid cleaning the dump formally known as my room.  It\’s absolutely awful.  I haven\’t even attempted to pick it up in days and my laundry is piling up faster than cars on a highway when an 18-wheeler flipped over.  Anyways.  It\’s an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day today.  Like seriously beautiful.  The sun shining the birds chirping.  I went outside and basked in the glory of the wonder of God.  It was amazing.  I love doing that.  Wonder and Awe is by far my strongest gift of the Holy Spirit.  Courage…..not as much.  Anyways.  I\’m really excited right now cause I get to see one of my very best friends….Alex Pankonien tomorrow.  He\’s gonna be in Dallas and I live really close to Dallas so I\’m super pumped.  No one ever comes to Arlington.  I\’ve been thinking alot lately about like what I really want in life.  Kattiey and I keep talking about it.  Let me just take some time in this entry to thank all of you my friends for all that you\’ve taught me.  Especially my best friend….who\’s taught me the most.  You\’re my angel. I feel so much better about that area of my life right now….so much better than I have recently…because I actually think I\’m beginning to understand what all this is about.  It\’s funny how people that you don\’t even talk to really can teach you so much.  It\’s like that seed planting thing.  Who knows what affect you have on people.  something you say now….could teach them something in the future and ultimately bring them closer to God.  Isn\’t that just awesome?!  So thank you all for everyhing.  I love you!

\”I think it\’s fantastic beyond belief that you\’re totally the way you are.\” – Lord of Cute

2 thoughts on “Are My Standards Too High?”

  1. I wasn’t much of a student in high school.  hence my enrollment at SHSU… heh heh…  Anyway, that lesson is that you cannot build up a faultless hero in your mind.  I did that with the woman I loved, the man I idolized and the friend I thought I’d never lose.  Ultimately, they all fell short of the image I built of them, which ruined our relationships for a while.
    So to answer your question: Are my standards too high?  Don’t ever settle.  Life has so much to offer you, that you would be wasting it to take mediocrity.  Do WHATEVER it takes to be happy.  At the end of the day, the only thing you can possibly do in this world is to make yourself happy.  If to do so you must serve others, Love God or sacrifice yourself in some way, all the better.  Standards only mean something if you hold true to them, especially when they’re inconvienent.

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