Arise Fair Sun and Kill the Envious Moon

This is just gonna be a list of randomness.  But it\’s me, what do you expect?
* Awakening is this weekend.  Get excited!
* The term Get Excited reminds me of one of my campers, Martha from Cho Yeh.  I miss Cho Yeh.
* I\’m going to be in a film project, which is weird yet strangely exciting.  Hope it turns out good.
* I burned John\’s birthday cake.  It was bad.  But it makes for a fabulous story.  I\’m such an idiot.
* My hair\’s in pigtails.  I love my hari in pigtails.  And I can too pull it off!
* The friendship that Anna and I have formed has been based almost completely on food.
* I lost one of my school books that I was supposed to read tonight.  So not cool.
* I was at the UCC for about 8 hours today.  And I only did something productive for about 30 minutes….maybe.
* I took a really good look at the Littlefield Fountain.  We fight for freedom, yet we have to control it too, because too much freedom leads to ultimate destruction.
* I really hope I did ok on my Religion test today
* I was really upset at lunch today cause I really wanted the sauteed caesar salad….cause it\’s so good, but the guy in front of me got the last of it and then the chef left and never came back.
* I have lost 5 pounds since I\’ve been in Austin.  It makes me incredibly happy.
* I went on Yellow Rose Hunt Last Night.  I have the BEST big sister EVER!! I love you Kathleen!
* Marriage without God is not marriage.  Period.
* I wrote Rob a limirick today when he was doing homework and I was just sitting there.  It\’s a really good one I think:
There once was a young man named Rob
Who I never saw work at his job
Don\’t know why he was hired
Surprised he hasn\’t been fired
Perhaps he just works for the mob
* 4? 4?!?!? I can think of 2….if I\’m STRETCHING it.
* I\’ve eaten 2 lunches and a dinner and then ice cream.
* Gelato\’s is the greatest place ever.  Seriously the best dark chocolate I\’ve ever had in my life.  It\’s a good thing it\’s so far away.  I\’d be there all the time.
* I think the Holy Spirit is Feminine. Or should be at least.
* I watched Romeo + Juliet last night.  It makes me want to be hopelessly in love.
* I need to clean my room, do dishes, do laundry, study, but instead I\’m updating my xanga.  Being a college student rules!

\”How many hours has you\’re butt clocked in that chair?\” – Anna

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