Blah Xanga, I am too Lazy For Thee

I\’ve been considering for the past couple of days to discontinue my xanga….or at least on xanga.  I was actually thinking about transferring my journal thing onto notes on facebook.  that was I only have to keep up with like 2 websites constantly….google (for my e-mail and search and calendar) and facebook….because it\’s facebook.  There are several other reasons to do such a trade.  Nearly everyone that reads my xanga has facebook and would still be able to read it, so really it\’s not that big of a change.  In fact more of my friends would have access to it on facebook.  That and only my friends and whatnot could access it, which is good for security reasons.  So really it\’s not a death of an old friend, but the birth of hopefully a better idea.  We stopped hunting and gathering when we learned agriculture.  So yeah.  Perhaps this is really goodbye….it\’s been a good run.

\”If the sight of blue skies fills you with joy; if nature has a message you understand; rejoice for your soul is alive.\” – Elenora Duse

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